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Modern Technologies

             It is true that the modern technologies have produced more inconveniences than conveniences. Televisions, computers, video games, cars, and other modern technologies have provided us with more troubles, tensions, and inconveniences than relief. Cars and motorcycles besides giving us transportation have also polluted our air and ozone layer. TV's and computers, besides providing us with knowledge and entertainment, have also given us troubles that are long-lasting, such as causing weakness in eyes, showing violent and sexual acts, increasing unemployment, and consuming our time.
             There is no doubt that televisions and computers have made our lives much easier than before, as everything now is done in minutes via computer, and any sort or news or video is available to view via television. They have educated the world by showing educational programs. However, on the other hand, they have destroyed the whole world. Due to the attraction of television and computers, most people will be found at the eye-doctor's office or will be found wearing eyeglasses or lenses. Interviews with the doctors have clearly demonstrated that 90 percent of the people wearing glasses have damaged their eyes by watching television or sitting by the computer. We all have seen small children wearing eyeglasses. Are all these children born with weak eyesight? No, all of them are not; they are not born with weak eyesight. This happens because they gave extra time on these modern technologies - television and computers. .
             Besides education and entertainment, these modern technologies have destroyed our safe environment by showing violent and sexual actions in their programs. On one hand, these kinds of actions have attracted most of the world today; however, they have brought many negative impacts as well. Compulsive viewing violent acts and sexual conduct is not a good habit for anyone. This is especially true for small children.

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