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A Look at Racism

             Why is the color of a person's skin such a big factor in the way people feel about each other? There are many reasons why racism is just a fundamentally bad idea. Why should we as a nation keep the disease of racism alive? Parents are still raising their children to hate people of a different color. Why conjure up prejudice from the past and bring it to the future? There is no point in this. Racism is based on ignorance. Why should the present generation have to apologize for what their ancestors did in the past?.
             Throughout time racism has been the cause of millions of deaths. Take, for example, the Holocaust. Hitler killed hundreds of thousands of people for the simple fact that they were Jewish. Hitler himself believed that the master race was white people with blonde hair and blue eyes, but himself having black hair and brown eyes. Even today, a very powerful group of hate mongers known as the Ku Klux Klan is still running strong by getting positions in government and law enforcement to make sure the terrible things they believe are made law. .
             The Ku Klux Klan was started during the civil war, a war in which 600,000 Americans lost their lives trying to end slavery and racism. People should abhor racism, in any form. The only cure for racism is individualism. If you see a person walking down the street, the first thing that comes to your mind should not be what race they are. Humans need to learn to get to know people for whom they are, not what color they are. There are going to be people that you dont like. That's just life. Dont let the color of their skin be the reason you dont like them.
             A fine example of the effects of racism is that many people suggest that the United States government should apologize to black Americans for slavery in the pre-Civil War era. First of all, apologizing would only cause more racial walls to be built. The people whose ancestors had been wronged would be reminded of the past and nothing but anger would come from their end of the spectrum.

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