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Movies And Moving

            "You know what happens? People go to the movies instead of moving! Hollywood characters are supposed to have all the adventures for everybody in America, while everybody in America sits in dark room and watches them have them!".
             Tennessee Williams.
             "The Glass Menagerie".
             Everything is moving. The world goes round. The Earth is in motion all the time. People come and go. New things in our life appear, old stuff gets lost and forgotten. Even such eternal thing as art is being modernized and some new genres replace the old ones. .
             Movies - that's one of the newest genres of art, which appeared in the 20th century. Earlier people could draw pictures, create images, but only with the help of cinema it all started to move. From the very beginning cinema was understood as the art of motion. This can be testified by the original names of it: kinetoscope, cinematograph, moving pictures. Later on cinema has got one more name for itself - movie, which came from the verb "to move".
             Cinema is a big industry, a business in which thousands of people are involved and millions of money invested. Motion pictures are made up moving: camera moving, actors playing, landscapes changing, etc. That is probably why the films are also called movies. Everything moves inside it. However every type of occupation, not only filmmaking can be described like that. Life goes on moving. Nothing can be done without making a motion.
             People invent machines, intelligent computers in order to make life easier. But each new facility brought to our life also brings new problems and again our scientists have to think out new machines to solve these new problems. The more developed manhood becomes the more demands it has. That means that the process of moving can't be stopped, until the time is stopped. Scientists haven't found the way to do it, yet moviemakers can stop time and even look back in it.
             Movies just show life created by actors and the film crew.

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