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Race Day

            I woke to the droning sound of my alarm clock and quickly jumped into a tracksuit."" It was bright when I slumped into my car, parked in the garage of the hotel in which I was staying. I drove fairly fast along the long unoccupied road, down towards the racetrack where I met with my associate and handed him the money in return for a key. This was to turn out to be the key to my success and my tenth consecutive racing title. I turned to watch him speed away into the distance then looked around for anyone else. No one. Success was in my sight. .
             I opened the door to the garage and stood face to face with my rivals gleaming Ferrari, the only car that could ever challenge mine. I opened my toolbox and found what I needed. I"d become very good at changing and repairing parts over the years and putting on a dodgy brake wire was a piece of cake, but I had to be fast. .
             Within half an hour my car was ripping along the roads at break neck speed. A few minutes later I was back at the hotel. The car was parked and sleep was needed. This was going to be a big day. A very big day.
             A few hours later I was woken by the same sound of the alarm clock. It was tolling in my ears like funeral bells. Time to get up and get ready. After a quick shower and a light breakfast it was back to the racetrack for me. This journey took considerably longer than the earlier one with all the traffic from people trying to reach the track in time to watch the warm-ups. My heart was pounding. Never had I been so nervous before a race. What if they checked the brake cable before the race? It would have been a disaster. It was a relief to see Valious leaving his garage to do his warm up. I hoped the dodgy wire would hold as I wanted the final race to be perfect.
             During the warm up, concentration kept on leaving where it was supposed to be and wandering onto a future vision of me lifting the cup and opening the champagne. I remembered my first competitive win as after that my career went up and up.

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