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             In January 1975, featured on the cover of the Popular Electronics magazine was the first personal computer, The Alta 8800. The same year, Bill Gates, Harvard University freshman, and his friend Paul Allen developed the first computer language BASIC, the first software developed for a personal computer. According to Cringley, Altar's producers, MITS, bought the software. Gates dropped out of school and with Allen, established the Microsoft Corporation in 1977. The computer revolution started many years ago; for example, in Babylon (now Iraq) in the fourth century B.C, Abacus inverted a simple counting aid. In addition, Conrad Zuse, a German engineer, completes the first general-purpose programmable calculator in 1941. He pioneers the use of binary math and Boolean logic in electronic calculation (McGrath, 1999). To understand the Personal Computer revolution, we must examine what role major players such as IBM, Microsoft, Apple and Xerox played.
             Garry Killdall's, CP/M was being used on virtually every PC in existence in the late 1970 according to Robert Cringley. As the industry grew, the CP/M collapsed. The collapse of the CP/M started in 1980, when IBM was developing its first line of Personal Computers. Bill Gates and Paul Allen of Microsoft felt that CP/M was probably the best bet for IBM, but it would need to be upgraded to work on 16-bit machines. Gates and IBM contacted digital Research about doing the work to CP/M that would be necessary, but Kildal could not commit to meet the dates required by IBM (Cringley, 1985).
             IBM contacted Bill Gates and Paul Allen for a bale, which would contain both the BASIC computer language and an operating system. Microsoft did not have an operating system, so they bought rights to an operating system called QDOS (Quick "n"Dirty Operating System). The system came from the Seattle Computer Products whom were developer of Intel's 16-bit microprocessor.

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