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            The Differences of being Married and Living together.
             I have always wanted to be married before I live with anyone. So I would like to elaborate on this issue that is always disregarded. I believe that being married and living together have their total differences.
             Married is a close union between the husband and the wife. Yet it is total different than just living together. For instants, living together a person can have a close union with each other, but there are no ties by law. The law is a custom for two people that are join together to be married. A marriage is a family and not having children out of wedlock. Many time people have so many reasons to union themselves together. For example, the reason could be the woman is about to conceive a child or they would like to have children. However, the couple should have love for each other; and that is why most marriage lasts so long today. One good thing about getting married is a person has someone to get old with. Living together however is something that is not permanent it is temporal. .
             Living together is something that all people do. But if they are going to live with each other they should do it right. Living together is totally different then being married. One of the reasons being is that children are born out of wedlock. Although people are not even aware that living together is a sin before God and that it leads to fornication. Before my time a women or a man could not live with each other unless they were married, because that was the law. Now in the 20th century a person can do pretty much anything and get away with it. For instance, everybody wants to try to live together before they marry and that is a sin. On the contrary, when that person dies, all of theirs belongs and insurance goes to their family member and not their friends. So living together before marriage is not a good idea.
             In conclusion, I wanted to elaborate on this issue that so many people ignore.

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