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Breaking Free From The Mold

             In medieval England, people were divided not by race or sex, but rather class. From the noble men and women at the top to the peasants at the bottom, each was bound to the class in which they were born into. To change your fate was something unheard of in those times. The founding fathers of the United States of America saw a vision of a nation where all men are created equal. This vision saw a constant interchanging class system. Today, the US sticks by this ability to break free from the mold and to become something greater than you were.
             In Gilber and Kohl's writings on social classes, they state that definite groups or classes are determined according to their financial and everyday lifestyles(434-438). Yes, I definitely agree with the fact that social classes are prevalent in our nation, and I also see the truth in their points on how to move from class to class. Their main point, and mine/ comes from the fact that education leads to great things. There are absolute specific factors that aid in moving up the hierarchy ladder in the US, and the main ones are education, and pursuing every chance to better your knowledge of the world.
             I personally cannot truthfully put my upbringing into a specific class. I was by no means a part of the capitalist class which Gilber and Kohl see as the highest social class in wealth(434). I was no where near the bottom either. I had possessions that not everyone could afford to have, but I also could not afford many of the things others possessed. My family worked for every dime we had and put it all to good use. There was always food on the table and a solid roof over my head. However, I often remember times when the water or phones would be cut off because the bills were not being paid on time. Gilber and Kohl see the class system as one with more than one middle class. It separates into upper-middle, middle, and lower-middle. As I see it I had a little bit of all the middle classes in my life.

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