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International Treaties

            International Treaties and Agreements.
             Treaties are like statues of international law and each treaty governs a.
             specific situation. The first step of the international law research is to see whether.
             there is a treaty that governs a certain situation. There are two main types of.
             treaties: Bilateral treaties are those between two countries. Multilateral treaties are.
             between three or more countries. The United Nations is the best source for treaties.
             from 1945 to the present, because every treaty entered into by a member of the.
             United Nations must be deposited with the secretarist. Since the Bush administration.
             several of these treaties have been violated and have had quite an impact on.
             international law and the United States international credibility. The United States.
             is currently party to over one hundred and ten treaties, but most of these treaties.
             that are currently in force have been negotiated in the last thirty to forty years.
             Four treaties or agreements that the Bush administration are in violation of are the.
             Anti-Ballistic Treaty, The United Nations Charter, The North Atlantic Treaty, and.
             The Vienna Document .
             Anti-Ballistic Treaty of 1972.
             The Bush administration is determined to pursue plans to change the.
             Anti-Ballistic Treaty, so it can dispose of the strict limitations on research.
             development and deployments that it mandates. The White House has left the treaty.
             intact even though it has plans to scrap it altogether. The ABM treaty was once.
             considered valuable, because it could check or halt the nuclear threats of the Soviet.
             Union. The treaty gave strategic stability to both the United States and Europe, but.
             also to NATO Europe. Reagan and Bush I waged assaults on the treaty, because they.
             felt the treaty would interfere with and set them back with the developing of space.
             based missile defense systems. However, the Clinton administration restored the.
             narrow and traditional interpretation of the treaty that had been strained by the.

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