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Information Technology

             Databases can store all kinds of information. Using a database is a better filing system than using a paper-based system and it makes it more difficult to lose a file. A database administrator must be able to understand database technologies, configure and maintain database software, develop and implement database security features and database backup solutions, perform troubleshooting and diagnostics activities and collect and analyze database performance information. .
             Skills Required: .
             For this job, you will need a university degree, preferably in computer science or engineering, good communication skills (written and verbal), good problem solving skills, and good interpersonal and organizational skills. Also, the ability to learn technical concepts and new technologies quickly and to be familiar with basic networking, common programming languages, various hardware platforms and operating systems (e.g. Sun Solaris, HP UNIX, Windows NT).
             Technical Writer .
             Information about the Job:.
             Many technical writers" help specialists communicate with one another and with non-specialist audiences. Technical writers write for scientists, engineers, plant executives, line workers, and production managers, as well as household consumers. A technical writer must be able to maintain existing documentation library and create new documentation as needed. In addition, they must be able to assist systems analyst in writing requirement specifications, managing test plans, copy editing, and writing release notifications.
             Skills Required:.
             The skills required for this job are good communication skills, good time management skills, and you must be able to work independently as well as with a team. You must also be able to create documents with Adobe Acrobat, have some experience with Linux, have the ability to hard code pages without the aid of an editor and have experience with Robohelp.

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