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Malt Liquor

            Alcohol consumption among young adults has proven itself as a constant accepted practice at every college campus. Young adults, whether their seasoned vets, or wide-eyed rookies new to camp without mom and dad, for individual reasons party with alcohol. Within this widespread trend though, exist a sub-level of drinking, which has appeared in our lower income African American, Hispanic, even Caucasian cultures, harming our communities. Malt liquor, nicknamed "liquid crack", has been advertised and selectively distributed competitively attracting young adults/students especially blacks to support and buy. Cheap prices, extremely high alcohol percentages per volume, availability to possess, are all reasons explaining malt liquors consistently growing popularity for the past ten plus years. While some malt supporters may argue that there's not any difference between beer and malt liquor, any common sense individual realizes some things are just too good to be true. Quicker intoxicating effects for a dollar, found only in certain areas; come on you do the math.
             Demographics are characteristics of human populations and population segments especially when used to identify consumer markets. The consumer market in this case being black men in a population whose general segment may not financially even be considered the lower middle class. Malt liquor is not found everywhere; its discriminating distribution infiltrates these areas overwhelming the coolers in corner stores and gas stations in our neighborhoods, and not those areas where the middle and upper class reside. Having resided in the areas of New York City, Dallas, and now South Carolina it's apparently obvious that malt liquor beverages are produced to engross black minority communities. Denmark is a perfect example of a poor majority black community. In every gas station here any person can find 24oz cans of Bull malt liquor costing a single dollar only corroborating arguments.

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