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Relating Social Psy To Selling An Illness

            Relating Social Psychology to Selling an Illness.
             In the news article "Selling an Illness Helps Pharmaceutical Giant Peddle Its Pill" many types of psychology was seen. The main type was social psychology. Under social psychology there are three types of research. These include social influence, social perception, and interpersonal behavior. This paper will briefly explain how these three types of research are explained in this article. .
             Under social influence research the article mainly used persuasion. It used campaign devices such as radio, television, newspaper, and delivered key messages. This allowed the people to be attentive of social anxiety disorder and to recognize it. .
             The next type of research is social perception. Social perception deals with how people view others. In the article people with social anxiety disorder are seen as "the shy people who hang out on the edges of parties". This creates a type of stereotype allowing them to been seen as anti-social. This brings us to our next point of research interpersonal behavior. .
             Finally, interpersonal behavior research is how people view themselves. People with social anxiety disorder can't even be around other people. These people will refuse night jobs and promotions. So people who think they have this disorder could really be taking the drug "Paxil" for the wrong reasons.
             In reading this essay you have seen how social psychology was related to this news article. You have also seen three different types of research affected by social psychology. Now after reading this you should be able to under social psychology better.

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