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HIspanics In The U.S

            During the past couple of years everyone has at least heard once of the rapid growth of Hispanics in the U.S. When was it that the Hispanic commmunity grew into one of the fastest growing minority groups in the United States? Hispanics hold their spot strong in the leading minority group of the United States.
             To clarify the term Hispanic, it is a linguistic-ethnic designation and can be designated to any race. Hispanics in the United States are a diverse group including individuals of Mexican, Puerto Rican, and/or Cuban origins and those of Central and/or South American origins. (2000 Census) As a group, Hispanic Americans represent a mixture of several ethnic backgrounds including: European, American Indian, and African. The government considers Hispanic an ethnicity, not a race, so people of Hispanic ethnicity can be of any race. This term was coined during the Nixon administration in the late 1970s.
             The two main reasons for migration of Hispanics to the U.S. are economic and political. Economic reasons being the extreme poverty of their native countries and political reasons usually referring to internal turmoil forcing citizens to seek refuge elsewhere. During the late 1970's both my father and mother migrated from central america to California. My mother was very reluctant about leaving her native El Salvador, but her economic situation forced her to come and earn the little money that she could cleaning houses for middle-class households. My father had a simlilar situation with poverty, his entire family came to a decision to move to the u.s for job opportunities, he landed a job as a construction worker. Unfortunately, many of these Hispanic just as my parents, have been forced to be blue-collar laborers due to their lack of the English language and education. .
             As if it wasn't enough the majority of the hispanic community migrated to the united states due to poverty and political reasons, it is the unfortunate repeated tragedy that many of the hispanic community had to undergo extremely outrageous transportation methods used to migrate into the united stqaes.

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