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The United States Hispanic Population

            5 million increase in the Hispanic population across the United States, a change in the way that Hispanics and Anglo-Americans interact, think, and feel can be expected; especially when dealing with the social, economical, and political aspects of a country that has experienced wave after wave of migration. The largest shift in perspective will probably be seen in the attitude that Americans have towards the Hispanic population. In the beginning, the people of the U.S did not associate a Hispanic individual as competition for work, school, or any other aspects of life, but that mentality has changed into seeing a Hispanic as both an equal and competition. Since most Hispanics that are in the U.S are born there, they associate themselves as both citizens of the U.S and of the country their parents come from. This emotion of belonging has allowed the U.S to become enriched with the Hispanic culture. A person could see this intermixing of cultures with food of different spices and blends of color from the Hispanics, being mixed with the richness of the Anglo-American cuisine. Another aspect of the cultural blend can be seen in the traditions of weddings, funerals, baby showers, and even birthdays. Most birthdays, now a day, in the U.S an individual can expect to see a pinata, something that was originally a Mexican tradition is now a part of the U.S culture. And as time passes by, the infusion of the Hispanic practices will become more prominent in the salad bowl of cultures in the U.S.
             Economically speaking, Hispanics have caused a shift in the consumer market, with their vast growing population. Companies like Publix and Dish are beginning to change the way they advertise and the products they sell. Dish for example has begun selling a new package deal called, Dish Latino where all of the shows are in Spanish. Not only that, Dish made the smart move of advertising Dish Latino in channels like Telemundo and Univision both of which are Hispanic oriented.

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