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            Describe and analyse the ways in which a recent advertising or marketing campaign targeted its audience.
             Virgin is the third most respected Brand in Britain and is soon becoming a global brand name of the 21st Century. They have created over 200 companies worldwide and they employ over 25,000 people. Their total revenues around the world in 1999 exceeded £3 billion (US $5 billion).
             Virgin began in the 1970s with a student magazine and a small mail order record company; they look to deliver old' products and services in a new and fresh way.
             Tom Alexander the CEO of Virgin Mobile had been instrumental with the launch of Virgin Mobile in the UK. He has also been involved with Virgin Mobile's international expansion into Australia, Singapore and the USA and he has over 15 years of experience in the telecom industry.
             Graeme Hutchinson the Sales and Marketing Director. He was initially recruited to Virgin Mobile as Head of Business Development with responsibility for developing Virgin Mobile's value added services strategy, WAP and Internet services. In July 2000, he was promoted to Sales Director where he oversaw the development and implementation of a sales and distribution strategy that has grown retail distribution from 320 outlets to in excess of 6000 outlets. In June 2002 his role expanded to include marketing.
             Joe Steel is the marketing director. He joined Virgin in February 1999 to establish Virgin Mobile. As Marketing Director, he is responsible for the Virgin Mobile proposition to consumers.
             James Kydd joined Virgin Mobile in February 1999 as Brand Director with responsibility for ensuring the integration and development of Virgin brand values into the business and for all brand communications, from design to advertising. Many of Virgin's campaigns have won industry awards, including Industry Mobile News, "Campaign of the Year- for two years running, and have proven to be two to six times more effective than rival campaigns at creating awareness.

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