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Team Work

             Being part of a team is a superb experience because a person is able to work with others and learn how to handle diverse situations. In a team a person learns how to cooperate, critically think, and become a good listener. I am the caption of team two and I"m responsible to make sure that work gets completed and that we all come to some type of reasonable agreement when working on assignments. Everyone in the group has an assigned task, which makes the work get done more efficiently and accurately. Although tasks are assigned everyone helps each other and gives their opinion in the group liberally.
             We all had a common goal, which was to get our work done and make sure it is accurate. We all chipped in our opinions and worked together on the group project. No one person worked more then the other. Our recorder Jaimee did a magnificent job in keeping track of all our information. Although she was our recorder several other people including myself, took notes. The reason for this was in case one person missed something, the other person would've caught it. Denise our spoke person was very active in the group stating her ideas and opinions on the task. Randy, who is one of our informers, meaning that he gives his opinion or does any type of research needed in the group, did a exceptional job in filling in for Denis who was not present at the time of presentations. Ryan and Jimmy are also informers they helped the group by giving their opinion on how the items should be placed in order of importance. .
             There were some disagreements about the order of importance of some items on the list. These types of conflicts were resolved by each one explaining the reason for why it should or should not be placed in that specific status. Most of the time the group agreed with the order of the items. Also part of the task the group had to decided on a plan of survival. Everyone had a unique and great idea on how we would survive in the wilderness.

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