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             This poem was written by a 13 year old. A 13 year old that has not even lived a quarter of a century. Imagine growing up in a world where people are afraid to fly; a world where a country plans their day around a terror rating, which is forever changing. At religious institutions where people go to observe holly holidays, they need to pass through a metal detector before entering the building. And to make matters worse America's Commander and Chief believes the men and women over seas are progressing, on the contrary there are still troops dying. How can this be considered progress? Due to peoples different experiences in their past, how one pictures these examples will differ. This holds true when looking at Terrorism. The American Heritage Dictionary defines terrorism, "as the use of terror, violence, and intimidation, to produce a feeling of fear and discomfort." Terrorism can be a school shooting, to a bombing on a bus in Israel. Terrorism affects individuals, Americans, and people all over the world in many different ways. .
             Depending upon the act of terror each person may react differently due to the situation. If a person were to loose a loved one, they would react completely different then someone who had just seen what happened on the news. Take for example, The Shootings at Columbine. Yet people all over the world question why someone would do something so inhumane. There are many different reasons why a person would commit such a heinous crime. These problems going through a person's brain could stem back to their childhood. It could have been because of their improper upbringing. It could be because these people are the ones who got picked on because they were different, or because they didn't believe in the same things as the popular kids. Many people today blame the advanced technology kids have access too; video games, television, the internet and many other things kids do for entertainment.

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