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Movie Offences Of Triple X

             The movie Triple X has many offences. For example, during the avalanche scene when he is snowboarding down the mountain there is no mortal possible way to out run an avalanche unless you are super man or you can fly. It defies nature and the laws of physics. .
             The following is a extensive list with no punches pulled of all the offences I found in the movie.
             r Special Effects:.
             o It is humanly imposable to see through solid steel even if you have goggles with x-ray vision.
             o The avalanche is totally fake you can tell by how it starts, the snow cracks all around him but not under him.
             o When Vin Diesel is sliding down the rail on a serving tray there where no sparks where there should have been. How fake is that?.
             o Augustus Gibbon's messed up face is very fake. It is a darker shade of black then the rest of his face.**.
             r Scenery:.
             o It supposedly takes place in Russia, but the buildings look like they are in London or someplace like that. .
             o The change in location is unnatura. One scene it is freezing cold in the mountains and the next he is in side a building that should have been destroyed in the avalanche.
             r Characters dialogue:.
             o When Triple X is angry, he sounds like he is having the time of his life.
             o Eve's character is a person who needs to actually listen to what people have to say. For example: Eve said " Why are you here? Who invited you any way?" and not three seconds latter she said "shut up" before she could even get an answer. .
             r Plot.
             o They Could have been a little more creative in designing a plot. How many movies are there that involve the end of the world? A lot if you ask me. .
             o The way they recruit Triple X is ok. But they could have been a little bit more pressing instead of taking him to a fake diner. They should have put him on an air plane.
             o The climax is in a good spot but I think it should have been in the scene when the female agent shoots the cop through the door.
             r Characters.

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