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            Gimmie the "GOLD" Their back and their hot on the market. Camel has a new product: New Camel Turkish Gold Cigarettes. This product is new on the market but its name is old and well known. Camel cigarettes have been around for many years now, but the Turkish Gold's are new. This product is most definitely a winner. The original Camel cigarettes are a big success and so will these. The first thing you notice when you turn the page is the color. It grabs your attention. The color is gold and it's very bright. The color gold is suppose to represent things of value because gold is valuable. The writing on the article is blue and it has a blue camel right above the slogan. The blue and gold coorindates really well. This advertisement would make you stop and read on or even just look at the colors. The second thing you notice in this ad is the spokesperson. It's a nice looking, slim-shaped White lady. She's dress in a gold short dress and also very pretty. She could attract attention from anybody of any sex or race, but I believe she is try to grab the attention of young white teenage men. I think they are trying to say that if you smoke these cigarettes you could get a woman like the spokesperson in this ad. Some people like things that represent beauty, and that she is, and she also represents the cigarettes. She's carrying a carton of these Turkish Gold Camel Cigarettes and in a way it looks like she is trying to sell these cigarettes. They also have this glow of light around her and the box cigarettes next to her. Something else I notice is that the lady is dressed in like clothes from the 60's or 70's. Although these cigarettes have just hit the market, they try to use the mature look to make you feel like it's something that's been around for a while. If people don't get the mature vibe form the dress she's wearing that's okay because the product is new. They may just like the fact that the product is new and they just want to try them out to see what the big hype is.

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