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Personal Narrative

            When it comes to writing, personal narratives are my strength. It is easy for me to put my personal experiences on paper. This is because when someone is writing what they know about,there are not any right or wrong answers. I am the kind of person who lays back and observes all the emotions in and around my life. Nothing ever passes by me that I don't take in. After I observe and feel .
             these personal experiences, I am then able to transfer them to paper. An example this is when I put in four .
             Weeks in at the YMCA Wilson Outdoor Center during this past summer, I worked as a camp counselor .
             While assisting a senior counselor in daily duties. At the end of each week, my responsibility was to write a.
             letter to each of the parents to explain how their children had done. I could not have done this without .
             observing each child's behaviors and emotions, and how well they interacted with their camp-mates. .
             I was able to give the parents an accurate account of how their child had done. This was one of the most .
             Fulfilling experiences I have ever had, when it comes to writing.
             Besides personal narratives, I also enjoy writing poetry. This is for the fact that poetry has.
             Such a wide range of topics and subsequent emotions. Some of my greatest influences of poetry are Edgar .
             Allen Poe, Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, and Chet Silverstein. These authors are able to include sadness, .
             Fear, wisefulness, beauty and humor into each of their pieces of poetry. When it comes to writing.
             Poetry myself, I enjoy putting a hidden meaning inside. The reader has to read in between the lines to .
             understand the poem.
             Writing usualy comes naturally to me, but there are two things I struggle with at times. The first .
             One that I struggle with is trying to start a paper. Many times I find myself with a pencil in my hand poised .
             Right above the paper, not quite knowing how to begin. This is extremely frustrating at times.

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