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Through The Eyes Of A Local Fireman

             Wake up, go to school, work, come home at ten o"clock, and then retire for the night. Yes, it was a simple like not much action going on. Most of the day had progressed; the time was roughly ten forty-five eleven o"clock. All of a sudden we heard a big BOOM!! (Me I"m no regular New Yorker, I"m a Long Island boy. That sound was not part of my everyday life.) I was sitting in French class at the time (The class was really boring, not that Mme Avari was a bad teacher, she was awesome. I"m just not multilingual.) Since I sat the closest to the window, as well as being a New York State EMT, I rushed over to the window to see what had happened. The second I looked out side, a vast Mysterious Black cloud hovered in the clear blue sky. Being a fireman as well my instincts were going off like an early morning alarm clock. My first instinct was "Oh, don't worry it's just another house fire or propane tank. Secondly I figured that it was much bigger than it appeared to be. I had no idea at this point how right I was. .
             As I awaited my pager to sound, my principal gets on the loud speaker and announces for everyone to stay calm. With a deep sigh and a horrified voice she announced that the twin towers had been stuck by an aircraft. Soon after my pager went off and I then knew how genuine the issue was. I rushed out side as fast as possible, running from the fourth floor of my school, skipping steps, dodging scared students left and right. As I was running down the steps I met up with Bobby and Steve, we all had the same worried and scared look on our faces. The second we arrived out side darting across the lawn, 552 and 554 our 94ft tower ladder (one of the largest on L.I.) come whipping .
             around 558 soon followed along with 5516 our ambulance. My gear was on 1 6, the lights were blaring the bus was traveling at such a fast speed the lines on the road disappeared. I turned to my Captain and asked where we are going.

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