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Drinking Age

            We live in a world that drinks greatly, and this influences adolescence.
             Use alcohol to rejoice at wedding anniversaries, to welcome the New Year, and to enjoy .
             many other special events. Alcohol is a legal drug for people greater than the age of twenty-one. .
             By the time most teens reach senior high school, nearly all will have faced a alternative about .
             whether or not to take a drink. Although this drug is illegal for adolescence , large .
             percentage of teens utilize alcohol. Many teens die in automobile accidents. How does .
             the conflict perspective relate to Kids who are drinking on a regular basis in high school .
             seem to be fully conscious of the penalties and laws against underage drinking. They .
             agree that driving while intoxicated is a key role in fatal car accidents, yet they still do it. .
             Teens may drink for several diverse reasons. A big reason for teens to start to drink is because of problems in .
             their relatives life. Teens could have a terrible relationship with their parents or their .
             parents could get in a fight or yet get a divorce and this could cause a drinking problem among .
             their child. Many experts agree that the major reason teens are becoming alcoholics is .
             low self-esteem. Sometimes these children have been neglected or abused which makes them .
             feel unnecessary or they have been pressured and feel worthless if they fail. Numerous .
             adolescent drink to make them feel older and mature. It makes you more confident and .
             sociable. Another cause of teenage drinking is escape from stress of .
             school if they are overwhelmed with work or that they get really worried over slipping .
             grades and that they just need to relax. Though they believe differently, drinking will .
             only make things worse for them. Many teens drink because of peer pressure or just to fit .
             in. youth spend most of their spare time partying. The kid who doesn't take .
             something to drink has a dozen acquaintances all over him. This may be true for the first couple .

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