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Free Will

            The idea of free will has been argued about by many philosophers. Do humans really have free will or are we just going through the motions of life. With the help of St. Thomas Aquinas, and my own thoughts I will try to explain my belief that humans do have free will.
             What is free will? Free will is the freedom to choose. Not being determined to act in a certain way. Free will includes humans acting as their own agent's and making the choice to do something or not do it. In order for humans to make a choice morality has to be involved in free will. So that a human will have the capacity to make a choice and understand what that choice means, and what effect that choice will have, whether the choice is to do good or evil. .
             One of the objections put forth against free will is that God is omnipotent and knows and sees all. This means that God knows the future and the past. Thus human actions are predetermined, and humans are forced to act in a certain way. I do believe that god is omnipotent but I do not think that God controls our lives. As St. Thomas Aquinas said God's omnipotence is that God could do all things possible and those which are not, but God's omnipotence does not include "predetermination of free will" (The Columbia encyclopedia 6th Ed.). If our lives were predetermined, then what would be the point of living? Humans would just be mindless drones going through the motions of life without morals or choices. With the absence of free choice humans would no longer be different from any other animal that lives on the earth. .
             Another reason that I believe that humans have free will is that God mad us in his own image, and God gave us free will like himself. St. Thomas Aquinas says that "God mad man from the beginning, and left him in his own council."(Ecculs 15:14) (http://www.mnstate.edu/gracyk/courses/web%20publishing/aquinasfreewo.htm) I agree with St. Thomas Aquinas that God left us in our own council (gave us free will).

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