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             Harry Truman witnessed and was part of some of the most memorable event in U. Truman is said to have a reputation for being and honest and efficient man (McCulloch). Truman was the eldest of three children and had week eyesight witch had kept him out of the regular army. .
             In 1905 Truman decided to join the National Guard. Truman served in World War I as the commander of an artillery battle. When he returned in 1919 Truman married his best childhood friend, Elizabeth Wallace. Around the same time of his marriage, Truman opened up a clothing store with an old war buddy; this didn't last to long, because of the economy of the country at the time. Truman then ran for the Missouri county judge and spent more then a decade on the chair. .
             In 1934 Harry Truman was elected U.S. Senator and was re-elect in 1940. During all of this, Truman's reputation was beginning to grow as an honest and efficient man (McColloch). In 1944 Truman sat under FDR as the Vice President under FDR's fourth term as the President. The day that changed Harry Truman's life forever was the day that FDR past away while in office. Harry Truman being second in command then stepped in with out any warning. Truman while the Vice President was not really informed that much by FDR. He was really not well respected in terms of gravatas. .
             FDR left Truman at the coming end of WWII. There were many important things that still had to be accomplished in office. Truman is most known for the dropping of the world's first atomic bomb. FDR was the one to start the Manhattan project but Truman was the one to order it to be dropped on Japan. .
             Just two weeks after becoming president, Truman was presented with the atom bomb and the history of what Roosevelt had been trying to accomplish with the Manhattan Project. Truman then decided to form the Interim Committee, which made recommendations regarding the bomb's use in war. Truman then decided to drop the first of the two bombs on Hiroshima.

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