Performing an Oil Change

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Having the ability to change cars oil is an investment as well as a skill. Humans that can change their own cars oil, save themselves a lot of money on maintaining their car and keeping it in good running condition. When changing oil your self you don't have to pay the outrageous fees for labor, charged by mechanics. Changing a cars oil is a dirty but simple job; so if you're scared to get your hands dirty you can afford to pay a mechanic. Changing oil requires a couple of tools to get the job done right.

Before tearing your car apart one should gather the right tools. First, stop by your local auto part retailer and purchase new motor oil and filter. Motor oil comes in different weights, so purchase the right weight for your driving conditions. Different cars require different size oil filters, so be sure to get the size for your type of car. While at the store be sure to purchase the tools you need, if they're not already available. Most cars require being some what off the ground so you can get under it. To raise the car one should use a car jack, trucks and SUV sometimes don't need to be raised due to their higher styles. Jack stands are needed for safety precautions. An oil pan is desirab

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