How Tourism Affects Environment

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There are many disadvantages of tourism, which affect all areas of life for the people involved and the surrounding area. However, the main problems occur to the environment with man, from the developed world, often receiving money from this destruction. Much of the environmental stress is imposed on the developing world as the infrastructure is not fully developed and the developed visitor can exploit what he lives far from.

A serious problem at beach resorts in the developing world is water pollution. This often occurs where a proper sewage system has not been installed for tourists, such as at hotels. If untreated water is thrown out into a river or sea then the effluent pollutes the water and even the ground water may be polluted. Some hotels have constructed their outfalls into the swimming areas by the beach, such as at Pattaya Beach Resort in Thailand, where the water became harmful from the adjacent hotel. Health problems can occur from litter, as well as vermin, pollution and visual pollution, if disposal of litter is not managed appropriately.

The air can also be polluted, this can occur from a number of reasons. A major cause is from the increased use of cars, used for the tourists. This can be made worse by the fact that

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