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Internship essay

             My first internship experience has been very useful in increasing my career skills. The computer-based internship has greatly broadened my knowledge in the computer technology field. I know more now than I did before I started.
             In my first internship I was positioned In LaGuardia’s L building. This is where the main computer department of the college is located. This building is mostly made up of the computer professors, and major computer software and technology. My job responsibilities included aiding the lab technicians. The responsibilities included setting up projectors for the classes, checking printers, changing the toner, and adding. The most important part of the internship was repairing the damaged computers. My main objective and goal for this internship was to learn all about computers, however, to do so I had to ask many questions.
             In developing my skills I was able to learn how to , create partitions, setup multiple hard drives, and most importantly configuring the computer BIOS and CMOS. All the skills that I have mentioned are all new things that I learned while on the internship. .
             During my internship I was able to realize that when starting a career I needed a lot of inspiration and by working with students, professors and lab technicians I was able to develop my communication skills, and now I am able to work easier with others. .
             Noticeably every moment I have spent on the internship has taught me that in pursuing my career I must be alert at solving a problem. The information that I have learned from in the classroom was that if I wanted to learn something I had to get actual hands on training where I could see improvement within a computer. Due to the internship I was able to see how the CIS environment worked. At the internship I found that there are many things that I liked and enjoyed. I was able to work with the computers and help the technicians diagnose problems.