Hitlers Personailty Led to the Nazi

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"To what extent was it the personality of Adolf Hitler that led to the Nazis coming to power in Germany during 1933?  Discuss in relation to what you have studied this semester.

The extent of Hitler's Personality was crucial in his rise as an orator, and his Nazi Party in 1933 Germany. There is a range of factors and claims that led to the rise of his party. But, no factor as important as the personality of Hitler himself and how his ways of thinking, were branded into the German peoples minds.

The extent of Hitler's personality is best shown in his past where his family was concerned, a major opinion in why Hitler did what he did was that his father was Jewish, his hatred of his father is recalled by Hitler after his father Alois's death: "I never loved my father. I therefore feared him all the more. He had a terrible temper and often whipped me.  This was shown that Hitler did have an abusive childhood, and hated him immensely. Compared to his father (who he hated) Hitler is said by Frank McDonough to have genuinely loved his mother: "Adolf Hitler seems to have genuinely loved his mother, who watched over him as a child, pampering him and letting him do what he liked. H

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