Types of Government

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In this day and age, the world wouldn't go accordingly if it weren't for politics and government. There are many different forms of government, each with their own views and structure. People of different countries, and with differentiating religions usually have their own form of government in which they can follow. The choice of which government is correct is a very opinionated one, and there is no substantial evidence to show one is greater above all. Consequently, government has always been a place where people choose sides, for there can only be one form of government in which a person abides by.

There are various amounts of governments that vary in the way they function. One type of government is Socialism, which is an economic and political philosophy that instead of private control of property and income, it favors public or social control. This is somewhat related to Marxism, and opposed to Capitalism. Marxism is the political, econom

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