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How Would Technology Affect Future Generations?

            Technology has perhaps had a greater impact on mankind than any other single factor in the history of the world. The introduction and integration of technology into society has significantly influenced man’s way of life. It can be linked to almost everything a person living in the 21st century interacts with from the times he awakens to the time he goes to bed. Technology has had both positive and negative effects on mankind thus far and with new innovations surfacing everyday, it is fairly safe to say that technology would have an even more pronounced effect on future generations. Technology can make the world a more comfortable and convenient place to live, or a place where human beings suffer because of their own creations.
             Technology can make the world an easier, more comfortable place to live in for future generations. The home and outdoor environments will undergo startling changes, making them more convenient to live in. Typical homes will cater to the personalized needs of each occupant. Homes that can sense when the owner arrives and turns on the lights, opens the doors and caters to the needs of the owner will provide an unparalleled sense of comfort. The homes will things such as the owner’s body temperature and light sensitivity, and adjust these factors to suit in owner’s requirements in each room.
             Transportation will also change. Even though the flying car may just be a fantasy, in the near future, cars can be given microchips that assist the driver. Cars will be able to detect weather and road conditions and use this information to provide a safer journey. Cars will be able to detect on-coming traffic congestion and suggest alternate routes to avoid this. They will also be able to test a driver’s breath for the presence of alcohol and shut the car down if alcohol is detected. This will result in a reduction in road fatalities. Using Artificial Intelligence, a complete auto- pilot feature may be possible.