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The impact of Cell Phones on todays society

            Cell phones have become the norm in today’s society. In fact, most people are surprised if you don’t have a cell phone, as those who don’t are now in the minority. More than one out every two people now own a cell phone, and that number is growing larger every day. The impact of cell phones on society has become huge.
             One reason that the cell phone has made such an impact on society today is because of the advances they have made with them through modern technology. When the cell phone first debuted, its only function was to make calls. That is not the case today. Now you can hook up to the Internet via your cell phone, and stay up to date on the latest news, banking, entertainment and fashion. You can check your email and chat to friends. Cell phones of today also have the technology built in to watch live television no matter where you are. Some offer a GPS navigational system to help you find driving directions. Of course, many people would be lost without the option to text their friends and family, as well. .
             Cell phones have become a part of people, a way to establish a unique identity. It’s not just about choosing a color anymore. Users can choose their ringtones, ring backs, change backgrounds, save screensavers, and personalize their voice mail and more. Most people who own a cell phone personalize it in a way that is unique to them, with favorite songs, pictures and more. Some people even choose to personalize their key pad with different colors and options for each number on the phone. A cell phone is now such an integrated part of society, it is almost abnormal for someone not to own one.
             Unfortunately, cell phones have impacted society in a negative way, as well. Some people believe they have become impersonal; allowing people to text instead of actually talking to one another. Cell phone usage has increased the number of auto accidents from talking and driving, and is fast becoming illegal in a lot of states.