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Interaction Beyond the Cell-Phone Screen

            Decades the human species have used various actions in order to communicate. Language can be broken down into two main components such as language production and language comprehension. Within the last century the use of technology as a form of communication has heightened. Social media is defined as being forms of electronic communication through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content. Has technology become, "Mans new best friend?" I believe that technology has enabled us to become dependent on social media and how we portray ourselves, rather than how we interact. In response to the way that we represent ourselves I believe that social media makes us more isolated and lonely rather than connected.
             Today, communicating has developed to be as easy as pressing a button. With the intentions on enhancing the way we interact with one another; technology has enabled us in our ability to communicate. With the increase of technology youth began to create their own language using abbreviations while texting. In a recent study by A. Enez Darcin, he observes three hundred sixty-seven students who have a smartphone at a university. Each student was given a set of questions about their style of smartphone use using the Smartphone Addiction Scale-Short version (SAS-SV), UCLA Loneliness Scale and Brief Social Phobia Scale. Findings of this study showed that smartphone users who had their first mobile phone at an early age and those who use their smartphone primarily to access social network sites have an addictive use of smartphone. Because we have become so dependent on our devices what happens when we do not get the response we are conditioned to?.
             An unconditioned stimulus is defined as normally elicits to a physiological response, because this response does not have to be learned it will develop an unconditioned response.

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