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Community Service Activities

            "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give,” is one of my favorite quotes by the late Winston Churchill. I gave six hours to a non-profit charity this past week by selling t-shirts to promote breast cancer awareness and it was most fulfilling. Seeing my hard work make a difference inspired me to provide services for the local Minot Human Society as well. In the next passages I will explain my tasks, personal thoughts on community service conducted and the correlation between the chapter lesson and my community efforts. .
             Community Service Activity.
             Live United (United Way) is a non-profit charity organization focused on providing food, shelter, health and wellness, dignity, self-worth, independence, companionship and so much more. It has been a great honor to provide my charismatic attitude to help sell t-shirts for such a glorious and noble cause. Located right here in the lovely Minot community, I stood out near the fairgrounds at a wonderfully decorated table selling t-shirts like hotcakes. I was most successful with a young and middle-aged woman who were more than happy to purchase or make a donation. The vast majority of men seen were reluctant to make a purchase and were skeptical. My team and I raised over 800 dollars in capital, but I knew something was strange about the patrons that donated. They were very flirtatious, eager to donate, and very concerned with my personal aspiration. Needless to say, I conducted a second community service activity to solidify my theories like any great researcher. I needed to be certain of my conclusion regarding the correlation between this community service project and the text covered in class. .
             Caring for a pet is such a mundane task in my opinion. Whether it be a cat, dog, bird, snake, or little brother with animal characteristics it is pretty much the same. First, you feed it, then you clean up after it, last but not least give it love.