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Community Service

             I completed my first three hours of community service learning at Camp For All. I really enjoy this camp everytime I go and volunteer because this is the best camp that I have ever visited. The camp is not where your parents drop you off and you hate the whole experience due to grungy meals and unsanitary matters. They always have warm water and the lake is always clean. The food is top notch and I doubt that you could find anything wrong with this camp except for the bugs outside. It would be extremely hard to find any imperfections at this camp. Camp For All is a very unique camping experience that works with special needs groups that may have chronic illnesses or disabilities. The camp is located in between Houston and Austin around fifteen minutes from Brenham Texas. You arrive a 206-acre camp that features 100,000 square feet of facilities. There are now three lakes. One real the other two man made. They have all types of water activities and the ones I can remember are fishing, canoeing, biking, nature trails, horse back riding, archery, field sports, arts and crafts, a petting zoo, and around 20 more activities that I can not remember. This camp is more action packed than movie and has a staff with around ten people during fall, spring, winter. During the summer the staff numbers are around thirty to thirty six and they are need housing anywhere from two hundred to three hundred campers. The staff and directors are always on nice and welcoming people. There is always a doctor and a handful of nurses on call in case any sudden illnesses arise or medications need to be taken. Many vendors and corporations in Texas fund the camps. These donations take care of the upkeep on the facility. The other funding comes from charitable organizations that raise money, but the camps in the summer and some in the spring are funded by Houston's hospitals that may specialize in children's disabilities or illnesses.

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