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Social Phenomenon of the Celluar Phone

            The Social Phenomenon of the Cell Phone .
             In the past as well as the now, there have been numerous social phenomenons’ that occur before our own eyes and yet we fail to recognize them happening. In today’s society a social phenomenon that has swiftly taken our society by storm would be the new rave for having a cell phone. Where did this demand for cell phones come from? Is this cell phone hysteria is due to the change in technology or the change in society, or is it both?.
             Everywhere you go, and everyone you see is likely to be carrying a cellular telephone, be it the “hip” new slim-style with color screens or the original Nokia’s or the “Zack Morris” cell phone that is a bit more bulky with no custom ring tones, but regardless they are carrying them. How has this come to be that just ten years ago.
             house phones were the way to reach people and now, if you don’t have a cell phone you your out of reach completely. As a teenager I grew up without a cellular phone and I had the worst nightlife of anybody I knew. This was the result to not being able to be contacted when I was away from the house. I would speak to people later on would tell me that they tried to call me but I was not home. This opted me to get a cell so I would no longer be left out of the loop. So if this was just me what about the rest of society. I think that at the turn of this 21st century America no longer is living that the household. This I believe to be a sort of silent revolution. A revolution that the society today is out of the house more then ever, no longer are wives sitting at home, but working. No longer are teenagers sitting at home, but working or schooling and no longer are families being together on the weekends, but doing there own thing. The cell phone is the wave of the future. It allows parents who want their children to be “cool” by allowing them out on the weekends with late curfews to have some sort of control.