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Smarter Phone, Dumber People

            With the improvement of technology over the years telecom sector has been blooming rapidly specially with the introduction of the idea of the so-called "smartphones." The smartphones were invented because traditional phones were not good enough to fulfill our requirements to communicate with others. When the mobile phones were invented it gave us a chance to communicate with people on the move, when we are traveling, working, when on vacation, when we are out of town. The whole world became a lot smaller than it used to be because you were just one phone call away from a person living on the other side of the planet. So we were happy using mobile phones for a number of decades and it fulfilled our need of communicating with others but then we wanted more from it and hence came the apps, games and many sources of entertainment and last but not the least, internet. So now our old mobile phones were not good enough to support the new of form media. Now our good old mobile phones were not good enough therefore we needed a better and bigger phone called "Smartphone." .
             As technology progressed further the phones became cheaper through the introduction of cheaper brands, so now every phone manufactured are smartphones because now when you go to buy a mobile phone you have a whole range of option in smartphones but not so much in not so smartphones. As it seems, when the phones are getting smarter and smarter the people are becoming increasingly ignorant. It is not just because you can afford to buy a smartphone or it is a fashion statement or trend, it is because you are dependent on it. This is due to the excessive use of social media that is now available in our smartphones, which leads to addiction, which is also known as communication addiction disorder. A telecommunication research in UK has shown that 37% of adults and 60% of teens are highly addicted to their smartphones.

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