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Depending on Smart Technology

            Don't let technology waste your time. When Sean Knuckles was a senior in high school, he had a paper due the next day. The day he had a paper due, he started working on it later in the night. Knuckles thought it would take him an hour to do his paper like every other assignment he had done before. "It was around nine o'clock at night," Knuckles said. "I grabbed the rubric for the paper out of my book bag and skimmed over it. This is when I knew, I messed up. There were so many requirements for the assignment that I wasn't aware of." Knuckles had to get a lot research done for the paper. He kept dozing off while finalizing his assignment, which led him to get only two hours of sleep. Knuckles wasted his time on technology while surfing on YouTube, which led him to suffer a consequence. If he had not messed around before starting on his paper, he would have not deprived himself from sleep for a whole day. Therefore, people do rely too much on technology, which makes people dumb. .
             Smart tech is used for many things. For most people, their lives revolve around technology. College students may use technology to get many of their assignments done. For example, technology is needed for an online class or homework that is assigned online. Some professors prefer that their homework is done online. In this case, a laptop would be very helpful. iPhones are used by many people as well. An iPhone features many apps that make life easier. It includes apps for socializing and even playing games. Having a smart TV allows people to watch their favorite sports team. It can also be used to watch a movie on Netflix. .
             People are too dependent when it comes to smart technology. When they are on their phone for so long, they start to lose their social skills. They forget how to carry a normal conversation because they depended on their phone for too long. Reading a map is very difficult now. Smart technology has made it so easy to navigate from point A to point B, that reading a map is almost impossible now.

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