An Indian Wedding

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In the beginning of the ceremony, there the young, tanned, dark haired male sits freshly groomed in a poised Indian style position under the mandap also known as a canopy. The flickering yellows, reds, and oranges of the fire that burns before him reflects off his and the face of the priest sitting next to him. They sit and wait for the beauty to appear before them, one obviously more anxious than the other; however, a bright white draped fabric is held in front of him. The soft, bright, white fabric is used to blind the young male of what awaits behind the simple divider. Viewed by all except for the most important individual of the two to be forever joined, appears a beautiful carriage with red and white flowers hanging from the sides being carried not by horses but by four first cousins. A beautiful Indian wedding between two individuals coupled together in front of loved ones.

As they carry her from the carriage to her seat, the husband to be is waiting anxiously for his bride to be. Finally the moment is here, for the drape to be dropped and they both look at

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