Nazi propaganda

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The Nazi party were very persuasive; they would use whatever means they could to get what they wanted.

These posters are propaganda for Hitler they both have the aim of enticing the German public to vote for them but they are both different types of propaganda.

Source A is Black propaganda, saying that the Jews and the Social Democrats would both bring communism, this is what the Germans feared the most. The short, fat looking man, a stereotypical Jew, is holding a huge bag of money, is well dressed, and is obviously well fed because of his size this is to give the impression that Jews are money grabbing and selfish. Most of the Germans disliked the Jews anyway but this poster would hopefully, for the Nazi party warn even more people off, as according to the Nazis, would keep all the money for them selves. That is why the Jew is drawn as fat and wealthy.

The tall thin man represents the Social Democratic Party, the Nazis biggest rival. He is dressed like an angel but is holding a club. The club shows the threat of violence, which would warn voters off. The man appears to be kind, gentle and a good leader, like an angel, but underneath he has the threat of violence and therefore is a deceitful, liar too.

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