Leadership Philosophy

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Personal Leadership Philosophy Paper

Registration for Leadership 3000 was not the most thrilling part of December 2002. I was required to take this course because of a job requirement for Housing at Austin Peay. Although I was not looking forward to the class, I was met with questions and opinions that made me think. I developed a working philosophy on what leadership, leader, and follower mean to me. This course made me examine not only what type of leadership I think works best, but also what kind of leader that I want to be. On the first day of class I was required to write my definition of the words leadership, leader, and follower. I defined leadership as the ability to process circumstances and cooperate with others in order to make decisions. Having no previous study in leadership this definition makes sense, but following this course my definition has been tweaked. I now believe that leadership is a process, not an ability. The previous definition assumes that a leader is absolute and that his/her decisions direct followers and that the followers do not deviate from the decisions. The followers also have no input whatsoever. The closest definition to my personal beliefs about leadership is that of Komives, Lucas,

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