The Origins of Modern Tourism-Transport Technology...

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The main difference between modern tourism and tourism in the past, is that modern tourism involves the mass availability and mass participation in holidays by what can be regarded as the entire population. This is distinct from tourism before the railway age when there were only two classes of people those who were on a holiday all the time and the masses whom never took a holiday.

Modern tourism involves a universal access to travel for individuals in the western world with destinations on an international scale competing for these tourists. Speed, comfort and value for money are the bases for gaining and maintaining market share in the highly competitive tourist market. The principle task of this essay is to demonstrate how each transport mode contributed to the growth of this highly competitive market for tourism.

Modern tourism involves many different types each that in turn have had an impact on the transport means. The different types of tourism can be divided based on the tourist's main interest of their trip. Tourism can involve one of the following; adventure, pleasure, sports, cultural, sports, study, incentive, research, professional and country .

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