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Antigone was right, yet so was Creon. The conflict is an individual versus the state and divine law versus human law. Antigone challenges her Uncle Creon, the king, regarding his ruling of Polynices' denial of burial rites. Polynices was her brother. Although he died attempting to overthrow his brother, Eteocles, from the throne, Polynices was her brother and felt he deserved those rites received by Eteocles. Creon declared Polynices' body was to be thrown on the ground and left for the animals. Since the king has denied a human his innate rights of burial, Antigone gave him the rites herself. Antigone, nonetheless, was bigger than her body; she discarded her societal role and assumes the position smiled upon by the gods. Her cause was moral, rebellious, and most of all, justified.

Creon was threatened by a woman. She was supposed to be passive and stay within cultural domains of her gender. King Eteocles, son of Oedipus, was murdered by Polynices, his own brother. Why should he receive or deserve the

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