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I was a kid who lived for and on the beach and therefore time at the beach means more to me than anything else. My experiences and time spent on the beach have given me some of my greatest memories. My beach presented me with a calm and relaxing mood all in one great place. E. B. White in his essay "Once More To The Lake  describes the "peace and goodness and jollity  of his summer home that served for his greatest memories. The beach was the one place that regardless of what happened in life or in the world the waves kept a consistent rhythm that helped me to relax. Many of my happiest childhood memories occurred at the beach.

I was very fortunate to grow up in Seacoast Towers in Brighton Beach in an apartment facing the water. Across the street was a unique place called Brighton Beach Baths, which was fifty feet from the ocean. This was a self-contained, fifteen-acre Beach Club paradise for children and adults. E. B. White in "Once More To The Lake  described memories of his paradise and how having had those memories improved his life. "The Baths  offered facilities for every sport imaginable, a theater for concerts, the biggest salt-water pool in the world and a food concessi

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