My Mom

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My mom is not your stereotypical Italian woman, who's short and plump. As a matter of fact, she is short, but by no means is she plump. Her hair is as if it was made of straw, because of all the dyeing and products she puts into it; however, she molds her hair into a thing of beauty, where you can't tell the structure of it. Her eyes, which are green as the emerald sea, always comfort me. She has a complexion that is similar to Gloria Estefan but much prettier. Besides my mothers beauty she is probably the strongest minded person I know.

My mother came to the United States in the late sixties at the age of eighteen. She came with five brothers and a sister. None of them could speak English, but they were so driven to succeed that they worked in factories to make a buck and learned the language by interacting with a lot of the Italian-Americans. If I can say another good thing about my mom it is that she knows how to save money. My mom put herself through college by saving money and with hard work. After college my mom worked in a hospital as an LPN. There she met my father. My mother was married for five years or so before she divorc

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