The Effects of Popular culture

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Popular culture, or pop culture, affects everyone. In society today, the media bombards teens with images and trends. Media defines Popular culture (or pop culture), what the trends are, what people should be wearing, what they should be listening to, how they should act, and what they should look like. Pop culture, in turn, defines what one should look like through movies, television, magazines, catalogs, billboards, fashion, and music.

Wherever we look, catalogs, magazines, television, movies, and billboards, images show us the cultural standard, what we should be like and that is in fashion. The standards that women should be beautiful and sexy are present throughout these images. Girls as young as twelve start to dress up and imitate Britney Spears (left) wanting to be like her. On Opera, there was a show on girls between the ages of ten to thirteen dressing up like Spice Girls, wearing a miniskirt, a tube top, and makeup. Jennifer Lopez (right), in the movie industry, and Britney Spears, in the music industry, show how pop culture depicts women, to have the "sexy  look no matter what they do, as they exercise or just going through an ordinary day.

As people walk through shopping malls, surf the web, and flip

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