Athletes and Performance Enhancing Drugs

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Athletes and Performance-Enhancing Drugs

Drug use among athletes has become a common action. Many athletes have or still use performance-enhancing drugs. Not all of these drugs are illegal. In fact, many of these products are available at nutrition stores or on the Internet (Lurie 2). Performance-enhancing drugs are used to give athletes an edge. Whether this edge is in competition or in self-esteem, consequences play no part. Why would any athlete disregard consequences and consider using performance-enhancing drugs? For many, the possibility of unlimited gains is enough reason to justify disregard to consequences and use of drugs.

Since the 1950's athletes have been using steroids. In the past two decades more drugs have become available. These new drugs produce similar results to those of anabolic steroids. Both increase testosterone, which is a hormone that increases muscle size and strength in the user. Steroids are taken orally in a pill form or taken by injection. The most common new drug is creatine. Creatine is taken in liquid form by mouth or in a powder form, which is mixed with water or juice and drank. Creatine and steroids have been the hot topics in most athletic fields. All professional sports l

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