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In the essay But First, a Word from Our Sponsor, James B. Twitchell explains how our culture requires marketing. Twitchell gives many examples on how "The culture we live in is carried on the back of advertising  (par.2). With James' wide array of valid points, I am convinced that marketing has taken over our lives.

Twitchell points out how many things that "entertain , really were not created with that intent. The entertainment industry is more concerned about product placement and sponsors buying space for commercials than about amusing the viewers. Today, pushing products on people is about turning them into hypnotized vegetables with only one capability, consuming merchandise. The author calls " ¦.this new culture Adcult  (par.2).

Adcult is in almost every form of our society. "Magazines ¦ school(s) ¦ movies ¦ urinals ¦ telephones... taxis ¦ faxes ¦catalogs ¦gym(s) ¦ T-shirts ¦ office(s) ¦ grocery carts ¦ parking meters ¦ tees on golf tees ¦ basketball backboards ¦ music ¦  (par.3). Unnoticed, a

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