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A broken promise

             Bobby was very sensitive and touchy when he was young. Everyone teasingly called him 'cry-baby'. He was susceptible to all kinds mocking remarks. Whenever he had a quarrel with his friends, his face became red with fury and he ended up crying. Whenever his teacher punished him in front of all his class-mates for not doing homework, he covered his face with his tiny hands and sobbed loudly. Bobby's mother had died at the time of his birth. His father was the only person who tried in vain to explain the fact that crying was a sign of weakness and that boys were supposed to be strong and should never cry.
             There was a toy shop next to Bobby's home and one day, while going to school, he caught sight of a scarlet-coloured, remote-controlled sports car in the shop. The car fascinated him so much that he desperately wanted to own it. However, his father claimed that it was very expensive and he could not afford it. It was not so easy for Bobby to except the fact though, and he wept bitterly all day long. His father then told him with a sigh of exasperation that he would buy him the car, if he promised not to cry again in his entire life. To his utmost delight Bobby immediately promised he would never shed a single drop of tear, as he was completely obsessed with the car.
             Bobby stubbornly kept his promise. Once he suffered from a severe toothache and the dentist pulled out two of his teeth, and the other time he suffered from a broken leg. He was dying of pain at those times and the injured parts of his body were forcing him to sob his heart out but yet he behaved according to the promise he had made to his father.
             Twelve years later, Bobby was sitting on a wooden chair at the hospital on a Friday night, as still as a statue. He was now a grown-up lad. His father was on the verge of death. He had a severe road accident. Five doctors were operating him in the operation theatre.
             The doctors came out of the operating theatre nearly after two hours.