English coursework: Schindlers list

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English coursework: Schindlers list

Spielberg decided to make the film "Schindlers list  to show the world how badly the Jews were treated during the second world war and to show people that Schindler should be a hero, not merely a forgotten wartime businessman. Spielberg may also have decided to make this film as he is Jewish and he may be able to relate to the Jewish persecution better than other people. I believe that when Spielberg heard the Jews story he knew that he could direct the film and make sure that people would watch it and come away knowing that Schindler was a hero and for people to know all about the Jewish persecution; he wanted people to know the truth.

In the first scene of the film we see a Jewish family gathered around a candle. The whole shot is in black and white apart from the candle, which is in colour. The director uses a close up on the candle and slowly we see it burn away. All the time the colour of the candle is fading, and then just before it goes out, the film goes to black and white. This symbolises the Jewish hope slowly fading away with the candle, until eventually there's none remaining. The wisp of candle smoke then goes up to the roof and the smoke changes shot

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