Existance of God

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God, the greatest conceivable being, is not only a conceivable concept but also a certainty.

Have you ever pondered in your mind the greatest mystery of all ¦ ˜Where did the Universe come from'? Perhaps you have wondered why anything exists at all, instead of just an endless vacuum of hollow nothingness. Scientists quite recently concocted the idea that millions of years ago a series of implicit and unexplicably inherent events resulted in an explosion. From this explosion, which was fabricated from absolutely nothing, the wonderfully occupied world we now live in just somehow evolved.

It is insane to believe that something can come from nothing! Are delicate china cups made when lightning strikes a void cavity? How many exquisitely embroidered butterflies grow from the branches of oak trees? Humans, who feel love, joy, anger, grief and fulfilment couldn't possibly have been brought into existence without the divine imagination and fantastic complexity of God.

God not only provides the best explanation for why the universe exists he also provides the pre-eminently paramount rationalization for the complex order within that universe. In the course of the last thirty years, scientists have discovered t

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