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Creation Vs Evolution

             Where did the universe, Earth, and the life that is on it come from? This is one of the biggest controversial issues ever because there is no absolutely proven answer. Both Creationists and Evolutionists claim that there is scientific evidence that point toward their belief, so how can we know which one is right? First, we must understand what views each group holds. Evolutionists believe that a fireball explosion caused by chemicals joining together produced matter and energy. They say that about 5 billion years ago the sun was formed from a swirling mass of gas and dust, and the remaining gas and dust eventually formed the Earth. Evolutionists believe that life was spontaneously generated on earth, and that chemicals somehow got together to make life. The earliest cells were prokaryotes (heterotrophs taking in organic molecules from their environment), and eukaryotes eventually formed from these cells. From there, jellyfish, algae, and other marine invertebrates were formed, and from then on other animals and plants evolved to the species we have now by the processes of Natural Selection (traits that are favorable to the environment that an organism is in are passed on to the offspring), and speciation (the process of forming species).
             While all of this may seem to make logical sense, there are some major problems with this theory. First of all, if there even was a massive fireball explosion, it is very unrealistic to assume that it would bring order to things. Explosions are destructive and cause spontaneous degeneration, not generation. The Bible clearly says that God created the world intentionally and carefully. Isaiah 45:18 says, “For the Lord is God, and he created the heavens and earth and put everything in place. He made the world to be lived in, not to be a place of empty chaos”. There is so much precision and complexity in the earth and even the solar system in itself that it is very hard to believe it all came about randomly, without a Master Designer.